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Electric Night
The Eternal Return
Within the Dream
Demeter Rising
Friendship Among Trees
Embraced by Love: A Communion of Angels

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George’s second release in the electronic/acoustic music genre is a collection of uniquely styled compositions which speak to the significance of relationship between our innermost spiritual selves and our outer world. Each in their own particular way, the seven soundscapes of Communion celebrate the sacred, ongoing conversations we share with our past-and-future ancestors, our natural world, and our other-world counterparts. Communion is a delightfully exotic mix of shimmering acoustic and electric instruments, world instruments, spoken word, and delicious ambient seasonings which has charmed radio audiences and fans of space music for years.

About The Songs of Communion:


An improvisation which grew-with-the-telling. The “story” of this song gradually came to me as a mother’s lament over the village-imposed exile of her son Mokambaku. Basically a rewrite of the prodigal son tale, told from a slightly different perspective. An example of what happens when you have 7 minutes of tape left over at the end of a reel.

Electric Night

One summer I spent a number of late evenings outdoors, staring into the universe with a pair of binoculars. Crickets and fireflies were all around me, making their particular kind of music, and the moon was hiding behind the trees. Everything seemed to be humming. The combined delights were quite memorable and magical, so I took a musical snapshot.

The Eternal Return

On a cross-country trip I took some years ago, my journey took me through the wild, rolling green landscapes of Oregon and Idaho. This is my musical impression of that truly beautiful place. Eternal Return is a study in 4/4 time superimposed on 3/4.

Within The Dream

Where do we go when we sleep? This piece explores that curiosity. I like the layering effect and the lack of regard for melody or any traditional musical structure. Written for a weekend-morning radio show called “Sleepy Hollow”, produced by WXPN-FM in Philadelphia in hopes that they would play it. They did!

Demeter Rising

My old friend Bobby Michaels did some nice interpreting on soprano sax in this. Some lyrics came to me after this recording which subsequently turned “Demeter” into a mother’s day gift to my son’s mom, about a month before he was born. Someday I hope to record a vocal version with a soprano who can comfortably hit the high D. Either directly or indirectly, all women are Goddesses!

Among Trees

Once after a late night of recording I walked out into my front yard where two great trees lived. Somebody had suggested I cut one of them down, and I thought that if I had, the remaining tree would certainly miss the missing one, given that they spend so much time together. I suspect that plants, like humans, can and do have relationships with one another. I am long since gone from that place, but I happen to know both trees remain.

Embraced by Love:
A Communion
of Angels

I know that as mere humans we are not the be-all and end-all. We are in fact a wonderfully intentioned part of something greater than our selves. I certainly do not have all the answers, let alone many of the questions. Meanwhile, the resonance experienced in “Embraced By Love” is a humble attempt at emulating the works of some great meditation music composers gone before me. I hope this resonance works for you.