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George's latest release, Light Music
Released Nov. 3, 2015


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Charmed Encounters in Color & Sound

Water Magic
Behold the Mother Ship
Interstellar Hoedown
Light Magic
Imagining Cathedrals
The Night the Angels Arrived
It Is


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Chuck van Zyl, of Star's End Ambient Radio, 12 November 2015:

"Light Music (72'23") is an album made by a man who feels that music matters most. George Wallace believes he can touch magic, if the dream is worthy enough. Wallace stands for the idea that while music may be conceived and made in a studio, once it is released into the world, it serves only as raw material for the thought process. Judged solely as a New Age album, Light Music delivers the goods. A marvel of nunanced expressiveness, this album is also a beautiful journey through Wallace's subconscious mind. His work has always been fed by ideas outside of his art, and Wallace incorporates his freshest discoveries into Light Music.

"A few tracks speak forcefully in tribal rhythms and soloing electric guitar, while others focus on the heart in evocations of dreamlike rapture. It is here that Wallace creates something gentle, pretty and substantive - which enchants at every spin of this disc. Sustaining synthesizer chords roll along in a current of electronic sound, as slow gongs and chimes ring above - and open up a cerebral ritual space. As listener thoughts recede Light Music steadily advances its digital ceremony, until such time that flashes of brilliance and bursts of sonic release again command our attention.

"Wallace is always on the lookout for the presence of wonder, and to our benefit Light Music offers us nine tracks worth. Resisting the market demand for musicians to work in a consistent style, Wallace practices his music not for money and fame, but to experience becoming - to find what is inside himself, and to grow his soul. Wallace's existence, and decades long presence, imply that it is at our own peril that we neglect the nurturing of the soul. So let us take this lesson, and use his music as a way of opening up - without prejudice, to the unknowns of the universe."


Light Music, like his previous work Soul Ascending, fearlessly pushes the frontiers of ambient and spacemusic, exploring new and unimagined combinations within this increasingly popular genre. Wallace again conjures up imaginatively crafted soundscapes which reach down beneath our psyche to help find ourselves, in a kind of ‘a-ha moment’, at a stillpoint of immersion and engagement, a mystical, almost cosmic unity with the music itself.

Wallace uses a wide array of instruments both real and virtual, ‘Western’ and indigenous - in exquisitely exotic mixtures of tonal colors and textures underscored with harmonically rich, cinematic washes of other-worldly synthesizers and ambient effects. With such sonically diverse instrumentations, Wallace is able to set and re-set the listener’s frame of reference to Time, Place, and Plane. At over 70 minutes, each of its nine instrumental compositions is a rich, mind-altering delicacy, with no two exactly alike but each complementing the others and supporting the continuum. Light Music delivers a memorable, beguiling, transcendent experience, with its fierce, primordial undercurrent of shamanic-tinged soundworlds where ancient and future are One.

Future Now

A joyous communion is in full swing among all manner of atoms, molecules, mu-mesons, quarks, quizzles, and various fuzzy-buzzy things that go beep in the dark.

It’s a sacred wild ceremony of moments all-one, in an ecstatic dervish dance of time-which-is-really-no-time, as Time does not actually exist.

The future is hopeful and full of promise; it is also NOW. Any hope we can possibly have or own or caress is the same as NOW, so hope for the future is really a grand knowing in and of the now.


What if we really don’t know anything at all and we’re all the better off for it, like when you have to empty the cup before you can fill it? Down in the dark well there’s an awesome, intense sun-shaman who knows beyond the knowing. No matter how I try to wrest free of his primal caress of knowing and press into a fierce relentless speeding overheating toward my self-designed prison of intellect and what we think we know, that shaman will always be there to catch and lead me back home, like a little child, to where there is no thought and no time ... only a profound and blessed and wild awareness of the nature of Existence itself.

Water Magic

I was born here, in this serious, giving sea, and I am even now being born, inside and out of the intense amniotic oceanic yawn, stretching like a birth canal inviting me to stay, knowing I am called to go, go into those mad depths and play among the most excellent effervescence, the grand and awesome display of what it’s like to be alive down here.

Now cleansing birthing flowing healing evolving dissolving away from and towards the falling mystic waters. There’s ions everywhere, both positive and negative, though all becoming negative sooner or later. You want the negative ions because that’s where the good magic is. Everybody knows this at some level – why else would we be so drawn to waterfalls and gentle rains and baptisms in the river and fountains and thunderstorms and seashores that we walk along so we can remember how to love ourselves again and behold that great truth, the knowing beyond mere mind that we are almost all water to begin with, at one with this world of water sanctified with the gift of eternal rebirth.

Behold the Mother Ship

4. Behold the Mother Ship
“…For there, above the top of the rise, before their widening eyes, with the deep indigo night as the blackest of backdrops, thousands of dazzling color-beams materialize and collide as if to form an opaque disk-shaped, other- dimensional interstellar lightstorm intense enough to turn what had been Indigo Night into Nuclear Day – a ‘lightstorm’ the size of a stadium…”

One never groks the essence of a psychedelic experience until one actually has one. The same can be said for those suddenly faced with comprehending multi- dimensional space-time constructs using the paltry 15% brainpower most of humankind is consigned to.

Witness the power-up process which begins with a series of low-voltage electro-magnetic induction pulses, or ‘slow-spins,’ applied to a very high-density ion ring located in the extreme outer edge. Once these ‘spins’ have got the main driver up to a suitable resonance they hold steady until the plasma field enveloping the entire ship achieves critical mass. Then there’s a resultant ground-to-vessel phase shift triggered by the extreme ambient voltage differential. And then with the sound of mirrors breaking and God screaming, well…there just isn’t anything left except some ozone (some people actually like the smell) and some lingering light-flickers coming out of the ground, where the thing had been hiding all along.

As for The Beholders…they won’t remember a thing. Most will need to change their trousers. Some are teary-eyed, but all are bleary-eyed – wondering, groping, stumbling around confounded as to how and why they wound up there in the first place. The fireflies were scared off, but the crickets are still around and some sense a strange electrical fragrance in the air, as if something dangerously wonderful had just happened here. What might that have been?

Interstellar Hoedown

Meanwhile, back on the I.S.S. LightStorm…the merriment is everywhere. Interspecies smalltalk fills the air! It’s amazing how well all these beings-of-different-stripes (although many were polka-dotted) can get along, let alone that they seem to have so much to say to each other.

Of course, the lively chit-chat is further spiced with the Soma, which flows freely.

A respectable Soma cocktail is a bit like a psychoactive fruit smoothie, so you don’t want to guzzle it lest you get a case of Air Head – and while most creatures on this side of the universe have at least one head, there are times (like when you get a case of Air Head) when you’ll appreciate that two heads are not always better than one.

‘Crank up the Black Hole Boys, baby, don’t let the music stop…’ And the band plays on, and on and on – into the wee last moments of that First Grand Interstellar Hoedown, and then still further, beyond the infinite spaces between those moments…

Light Magic

Purest Light, shimmering like a silky sensuous knife, shot straight from the Original Thought, a single radiant ray of cold perfect white, shearing across all mathematical possibility and any known physical laws, impeded by nothing because it’s going too fast and has no mass except maybe for what Einstein figured out and the only sound is that of the Word which is of the Light just as the Light is of the Word. As Above, so Below…

And in the end we actually become that Light, a merry splash-dance of cascading, tumbling notes and colors so bright and loud and magical and alive that all senses become as one sense in a symphony of synesthesia, because everybody knows that sound and light are basically the same thing only just forty octaves apart. So the next time someone says to you some version of how you’ve ‘lit up their life,’ you know there’s a bit of Light-Music you’ve played to them which makes sense because we’re all musicians and artists in one way or another.

Imagining Cathedrals

It’s a warm, sultry night here in Tunisia. This sinuous music has me kind of hypnotized. The mosques and sanctuaries everywhere make me think of the bells resounding from them. When you ring bells they cut through like little knives and clear away stuff you can’t see that’s in the air that shouldn’t be there. Or, they intensify the good vibes that are already there. This is why we ring bells in the first place, celebrating the myriad passages of our lives - weddings, births, deaths, victories, coronations, rituals, ceremonial worship - even the change of the hour. These are special times, magical times, like when the sun is low on the horizon, when the jinn come out and the spirits and ghosts make passage through the portals they left behind when they passed through the veil to that Other World.

Crystals are like little cathedrals…sanctuaries, if you will. They have real power and are best handled respectfully. Crystals are actually alive; they ring and sing like bells, producing impossibly high notes. Windows to other realities, crystals are keepers of keys to an imagination even more important than knowledge, so Imagine carefully…

The Night the Angels Arrived

The night the angels arrived they rode in on a perfect fifth – a C-sharp and a G-sharp to be exact. Out of the Cosmic Hum they came, uncountable numbers of angels big and small, sprightly and serious, gleefully zizzing down on a light-beam of lovely higher harmonics like jubilant
children recklessly skidding the banister on Christmas morning. And right behind them streamed the avatars and starseeds and all manner of wonderful, forbidden creatures from planets and planes known and unknown, beings with us in the infancy of our human history before Intellect seized the higher ground from Intuition and before the invention of ‘Original Sin.’

And the day following that was really something special, for on that day an amazing lightness of being was cast over the whole world. And out of that lightness we saw a world newly cleansed, a world offering itself as a new Eden we were free to re-imagine. We saw a fresh understanding of our true place in the Master Plan. But most of all we saw that each of us had given ourselves permission at last to let our collective soul shine and to allow the innocent, wondering child still in each of us to love what it will love.

It Is

Pure Being…without past, without future, only present, an immersion in the All-Now, free of thought, free of all reasoning, analysis, and judgment. Only Awareness…

“…O defiant Sun-blessed desert, being of all time and yet timeless, teach me of your wisdom and your quiet mystery. Touch me with your wild Saharan wind pushing hot desert dust into my tear-tracked face. Sing to me with the sound of the flute, eons old and yet still fresh, resounding across infinity as the crack of lightning sears the air, restoring it to crystal-clear primordial clarity, for I want to know…”

I want to know what it’s like to just be. I want to know the feeling of alone but not lonely. In the grand design of things, each lowly rock, each magnificent galaxy, is no more significant than it is insignificant. In the end each rock, each of us, no matter how fervently worshiped or
existentially dismissed, is possessed with a certain inimitable, perfect is-ness all its own.

Everything just is.

Come and dream with me now, onward to the Singularity, where all is one and one is all, as Above so Below, where glorious Life and Death cross, at the grand confluence of the rivers where the perfumed innocent sweetness of Eden itself dwells…ascend and dissolve with me…sacred I Am… which was and is and ever shall be… world without end…

Total running time approximately 72 minutes.
Try to listen without interruption at least once.

Featuring the sounds of piano, didgeridoo, fretless bass, violin, Native American flute, orchestral flute, tamboura, guitars, bells, voices, tribal chanting, percussions, and natural ambiences played over washes of magical, etheric synthesizers, samples, and electronica.

Thanks to these gifted artists for their inspired musical contributions:
Marc Adler – orchestral flute on ‘Interstellar Hoedown’
Sterling C. Green Jr. – doumbek on ‘Interstellar Hoedown’

P r o d u c e d b y G e o r g e W a l l a c e
Created at AirBorn Recording, Lancaster, PA - January - September 2015

All music composed by George Wallace, published by Celestial Songs (ASCAP) © 2015 All Rights Reserved
Mastered by Robert Rich for Soundscape Productions, Mountain View, CA
Final graphics layout and assembly by Marti Early for EarlyDesigns
Photography by George Wallace
Image of ‘The Spiral’ courtesy of The University of Science and Philosophy,
Box 520 Waynesboro, VA 22980 1-800-882-LOVE (5683) www.philosophy.org