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Sacred Earth

Digitally enhanced and remastered!

Sacred Earth Listen

the magic of music of nature

George Wallace, '93

George Wallace

Sacred Earth

Painted Canyon

Spirited Aire

Mt. Fuji
Kite Flying

Ritual Fire
The Ceremony
Worlds Beyond
Holy Water



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Sacred Earth was originally produced during 1984 and 1985 and recorded onto analog tape, the only way records were made in those days. Since then, technology has of course re-invented itself many times over. After 28 years-and-counting (some will mark this as the Saturn Return), AirBorn is proud to present this re-issue of George Wallace’s Sacred Earth with a greatly enhanced, rethought, cleaned up, digitally remastered version of the classic original. This is truly a labor of love. The recording may be crude by today’s standards, there may still be one or two warts, but the musical experience underlying it is timeless.

Sacred Earth is an evocative, hour-long electronic/organic musical celebration of the primordial elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, designed for moving into expanded levels of consciousness and meditative states. From mystical, ancient sonic vistas to intense, drum-driven shamanistic chanting and on to airy, sweetly hypnotic meditations, Sacred Earth courses through thirteen scenes across four main movements, encountering many twists and turns along the way.

The odyssey begins with a prayer deep inside the long-silent red-rock canyons and ancient pristine forests where the soul of Earth herself dwells. For several moments, Flora and Fauna seem to play in a delicious, sensual 7/4 counterpoint. Then, as wind chimes charm us to a vantage point just above tree-level, we see in the distance the mystical flanks of Mt. Fuji, regally robed as an empress in snow and heralded with a great Japanese gong. Some moments of Zen contemplation ensue. We float higher still into a welcoming canopy of air where a solitary carefree kite lofts to a simple F pentatonic melody, nearly forgotten since childhood, but now forever remembered.

The ‘fire movement’ actually sounds hot; not just fingertip hot, but beyond-measure-hot…volcano hot. We’re standing at the rim, staring deep-down into our own violent, roiling origins, hypnotized and mute, unable to move. The ancient, purging heat finds its way into every cell of our very being, nothing less than a trial – and eventual healing – by fire. The spell is picked up by the villagers below as they sing in tongues by torchlight to their own frenzied, ecstatic dance. An Elder jumps to the center where with wildest abandon he gyrates to drums and scales from worlds well beyond this one. Suddenly the spell breaks with a magical sword-like crack of heat lightning. Then - The Storm: a mystery of transformation from fire to water, two perceived opposites. And after…the rain comes, and keeps coming. The drops dance; we become intrigued by the amazing mystical liquidness of our being. The whales sing. We’re not just underwater – it’s more like amniotic fluid - the earth of our birth.


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