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AirBorn Recording: The Studio

A Short History

George Wallace, AirBorn's creator and sole engineer, has had his finger on or near the Red Button since 1973 when his passion for recording first took hold, and has been 'rolling tape' pretty much ever since.

George (aka "Jordy") grew up in Philadelphia and received training in classical piano at the prestigious Settlement Music School, where he also took classes in advanced music theory and harmony. He'd been in church choirs through most of his childhood; this rich experience led him to put a value on musical excellence.

As a guitar-slinging teenager he found himself caught in the crossfire between Motown and the British Invasion; by then he'd also developed a keen appreciation of Brian Wilson's genius for vocal arranging.

He later attended the world-renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, majoring in Composition and Arranging. At Berklee he acquired a respect for traditional and progressive jazz, yet another well of inspiration from which he has drawn ever since.

George Wallace, of AirBorn Recording studio

An accomplished writer, producer, performer, and recording artist, George creates music which speaks of enlightenment and positivity in a world that could really use it.

Over a decades-long career which includes a staff-writer position with Screen Gems, a recording deal with CBS/Epic Records, the production of several planetarium show soundtracks, the official creation of AirBorn in 1986, a critically acclaimed three-album set of exercise music for children, a long history of live performance, and the release of no fewer than eight self-produced full-length albums, he has evolved into one of 'those' musicians who has redefined the meaning of versatility.