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AirBorn Recording: The Studio

Featured Equipment

AirBorn boasts a modest but powerful setup, and everything works.

At its epicenter the studio utilizes industry-standard DigiDesign Pro Tools digital software, but the old analog multitrack is still around, just in case. Some of the more oft-used plug-ins include the AmpliTube and SansAmp simulators, Bomb Factory compressors, Joe Meek processors, Reason and Ableton modules, MOTU Ethnic Instruments, East/West Quantum Gold Symphonic Orchestra, and Melodyne Essential.

Add to that the outboard gear, with sound processors made by the likes of Lexicon, Ibanez, Alesis, Yamaha, and Tascam. Shure, AKG, Audio-Technica, and MXL are some of the available microphones 'in the closet'.

Then there are the instruments themselves. Always at-the-ready is a pair of Ibanez 6-string guitars, one acoustic and one electric. A 12-string Ovation guitar works nicely sometimes (as does the mandolin), and the trusty Fender Jazz-P-bass hybrid is STILL the go-to bass after many years. A vintage Hagstrom 12-string electric that actually plays in tune rounds out the guitar collection.

AirBorn Recording studio

The keyboard lineup features several models by Roland, with some Yamaha and Kawai in the bargain, all MIDI’d together. The available amplifiers are by Behringer and Crate (a nice little recording amp), and then there's the model 145 Leslie cabinet...ya gotta have it, as no WunderBox yet invented does it like the real thing.