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AirBorn Recording: The Studio

Services Offered

AirBorn's primary service is multitrack recording, production, and mixing, shepherding projects from their inception all the way to finished product, and all this across a wide range of styles. Taking on simple project demos, works-in-progress from other studios, overdubbing vocals, mixing previously recorded material, or picking up at any other stage of the creative journey is also possible. We can work with artists ranging from single singer-songwriters (working with ‘beginners’ is a specialty), bands and chamber groups all the way to symphony orchestras. AirBorn prides itself on being a small but very functional facility.

In addition to these offerings, other services are available, given George's rather expansive skill set. Among those are MIDI sequencing, drum programming, composing and arranging from scratch (or help with your track), and critiquing and feedback of a creative nature, as he usually has an opinion which he will cheerfully - and tactfully - offer should the client ask for it.

George also offers his skills as a session player and vocalist; he is an accomplished keyboardist and bassist and can bring these considerable talents to bear on any project. He also plays guitar and provides interesting, effective guitar parts to the soundstage if warranted.

AirBorn Recording studio

But perhaps more important than his contributions on any particular instrument are his talents and experience as Producer. With an ear for just the right embellishment (if there's any needed in the first place), or when that Magical Take has just happened without anyone else noticing, George's production instincts have a natural tendency to weave their way into the very fabric of the music that's going down; they tend to be ideas that work.

All these services are offered at reasonable, competitive rates, and all the in-house instruments come rent-free. While AirBorn has an established base rate of $40.00 per hour (2 hour minimum), that rate is considered a starting point; it largely depends on the client's situation and needs. Package rates run typically lower and can sometimes include, depending on the situation, a one-time fee for 'production services' according to how much additional creative expertise George might be asked to contribute (or be interested in contributing) and encourages an easygoing, fun studio experience without so much watching of the ubiquitous Clock. This can come in handy during complicated mixes or post-production sessions, when things are really close to being...perfect.