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Core Concept
The Vibe
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AirBorn Recording: The Studio

Listening & Aesthetic Environment:
the All-important 'Vibe'

AirBorn Recording is part of a home in a quiet neighborhood, and as such enjoys a comfortable, non-clinical, unintimidating atmosphere. The studio is situated in a cool, dry basement and the control room is a generous 16' wide by 21' long by 8' high. The live room is convertible to/from a workshop (actively serving both functions) and is also quite roomy, clocking in at about 13 feet square. There is another area which can be sectioned off as a 4 X 8 iso booth, and as it has a window (like the live room) the all-important eye contact is easily facilitated. Always visible is the consideration for efficient ergonomic workflow; everything in the place seems to do at least two things.

AirBorn boasts a clear, carefully tuned and (when called for) powerful acoustical environment. Given the spacious, airy control room, sound has a chance to 'breathe'; one does not get the feeling they're working in a closet. Spared here will be the numbers and Techie Talk; simply put, the room sounds great, regardless of the listening level. With that said, AirBorn sessions are normally run at moderate levels to encourage 'reality listening' and to mitigate ear-fatigue issues.

Astride the console is a set of industry-standard Yamaha NS-10 speakers for critical listening plus a smaller pair atop the NS-10s for added reference. When it's time to 'go upstairs' and listen on the Bigs, we're listening through a set of Ken Forsythe-designed EAWs in the front and a pair of high-end Sansuis (featuring short-throw Hi-Freq lenses) in the rear. These are of course placed in the four corners of the room and are wired in a pattern switchable between discrete four-channel and a four-way stereo matrix (unique to AirBorn design) whereby the rear pair is a 'mirror' of the front. Thus we are always somewhere between Left and Right regardless of our listening position; essentially there's 'not a bad seat in the house'.


AirBorn Recording studio

AirBorn sessions take place in an ambience of relaxed concentration, inspiration, humor, and yes, actual FUN. There is a feeling that we're in a 'sanctuary' of sorts; we are safe here to explore the necessary intimacy of shared creative expression, while the big wild world rages outside, just steps away. As mentioned earlier, George works with any/all permutations of artists, but it's also worth mentioning that he works with those artists not as a 'techie' but as another artist. As he is a vocalist himself, George is comfortable coaching other vocalists, particularly when we're close to the Magic Take and when 'keeping it loose' during a session becomes What One Does.

AirBorn was designed not only as a work room but as a 'play' room as well; it's simply a very cool environment to hang out in. During its design phase, George held to a decor aesthetic that is best described as 'Psychedelic Jungle'. There are icons and trophies lurking about which are suggestive of surreal, 'other realities' (what studio isn't by nature an 'other reality'?). The inspired lighting motif is quite variable and there are even a few black lights around to the delight of those who are inspired by such things. But when all is said and done and as the lights come up we realize this is a place where some real work has been accomplished.