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Core Concept
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AirBorn Recording: The Studio

The Core Concept

By its very nature, the beast called Technology evolves over time. Inevitably equipment wears out and gets replaced, updated, and upgraded. Despite all this tectonic shifting, and through several decades-and-counting, several constants and core principles have applied at AirBorn, and always will.

There is a plethora of advanced, sexy, bells-and-whistles technologies available nowadays, and AirBorn boasts its own modest share of so-called 'state-of-the-art' gear. But...

Regardless of which widgets the engineers are currently fawning over, which miracle boxes, processors, plug-ins and what-have-you the marketers are pushing, AirBorn abides by a philosophy that has less to do with Gear and more to do with Ear.


  Recording, mixing and post-production
for individuals & small groups
  Hours by appointment
Please call 717.393.7362

  Studio located in Lancaster, PA
AirBorn Recording studio

For the most part Ears Are Everything. In fact, experience has shown over and over that - to quote the venerated Beatles producer George Martin - all you need IS ears. All the rest of it is secondary to that abiding principle.