1. 5 War No More

From the recording Becoming

War No More is an expression of what many of us are feeling about the ongoing insanity in Ukraine. I am not ‘proud’ to offer this. But I felt strongly that I had to do it - I had to say something. Most of the music came to me the day after John Lennon was murdered. At the time I’d also scribbled some lyrics but they didn’t make it. It took the Ukraine conflict to move me to revisit such a dark place of wondering how humans could create and at the same time endure such horrors.


War No More
Music & lyrics by George Wallace
© 2022 Celestial Songs (ASCAP) 9 April 2022

Framed in frozen gray
I cannot look away
Pictures of the dying and the dead
Their silence screams through death-masks bloodied red
Welcome to the new Abyss
Where devils dance the Wicked Kissaway

Cities burning bright
Hell on earth, again, tonight
Demons drawing down on innocents
Abandoning all hopes of their deliverance
Through charnel-smoke the monster leers
And laughs at souls deep-drowned in tears and pain
So much pain

War No More
War No More

I have no more words
For those Lucifer cursed
Children watch their homes as they burn down
Their mothers raped, then murdered
Ankles still bound
God, if you’re there, please set them free
At last released from this damned depravity

War No More
War No More
War No More

Let the children sing

I just can’t watch today
I can only pray
All you mothers, pray for your sons
It’s in their hands we’ve planted our guns
Pray for the end to this Insanity
Pray for the day
Pray for the day they win their destiny
Pray for the day
Pray for an end to this insanity
Pray for the soul of our humanity

War No More Hate No More, Hate No More
War No More Fear No More, Fear No More
War No More Pain No More, Pain No More

And the children sang
And the people sang
And the Ukraines sang
And the Russians sang…