From the recording Believing Mirrors

According to noted author Julia Cameron, "Believing Mirrors" are people who reflect back to us our genuine possibilities as an artist, and put more broadly, as a fully actualized human being. Optimistic, enthusiastic, and generous, such people are valuable advocates to our mission and to our souls. The lyrical substance of this song was Inspired by an excerpt (“Our Deepest Fear”) from author and teacher Marianne Williamson’s book “A Return to Love”.


Believing Mirror

If you believe it
Then you can live it
And if you’re feeling this is all just a dream
Wake up - it’s your dream coming true

You were the question
You’re now the answer
Beautiful Dancer,
Take the chance of your life
The marquee’s up in lights
All for you

There’s a trace in the mirror
Face becoming clearer
Tears no longer
Knowing, growing stronger now…

I am your believing mirror
Look into my eyes and see
And you’re my believing mirror
Where I can finally see the real me

You are The Child
You are The Lover
Still there’s another
Down inside, don’t you know?
A Shaman who’s running the show

Could you imagine
You’re made of magic?
It’s some kind of tragic
How we stay so afraid
Of the miracle from which we’re made

You don’t have to hide it
Go ahead and shine it
Dumb it down and play small, or
Claim your crown and play ball now…

I am your believing mirror
Look into my eyes and see
And you’re my believing mirror
So glad that you believe in
Beautiful you
Beautiful me

We got the Power
Right here inside us
Not just in you or me
It’s in everyone
Since the 11:11 has come

There’s a man in the mirror
Face is getting clearer
Fears no longer
Soul is so much stronger
The weight is getting lighter
Days are shining brighter
Look there in the mirror
You’ll see what you’re here for now…

I am your believing mirror
Look deep in my eyes you’ll see
And you’re my believing mirror
I look and I discover the real me

We are all believing mirrors
(When you believe it then you can live it)
We are all believing mirrors
(You have the power right there inside you)
All believing mirrors
All believing mirrors

Music & lyrics by George Wallace
© 2019 Celestial Songs (ASCAP)