From the recording The Goddess

I designed to do an instrumental piece which drew influence from and ‘fit’ with the musical genre known as ‘electronica’. I think I failed miserably, but using a production credo that had guided pretty much the rest of the album, I decided to just let the piece take me somewhere and not the other way around.
Where it finally took me allowed the creation of a soundscape far more interesting than if I’d spent the time trying to shoehorn it into a particular ‘current’ style. I had fun playing with an early Joe Zawinul/Weather Report approach, using a fixed tempo played by the percussion instruments, and layering on top of it a ‘cross-tempo’ played by all the other instruments. Also, I had to write something for my friend Andrea’s beautiful alto flute, composed in an Arabic scale and thus in the true spirit of ‘the Goddess with Green Eyes’ herself; a mysterious, exotic persona with whom you certainly couldn’t just ‘sit down and have a beer with’. Goddesses are supposed to be a little spooky.