From the recording Frontiers

'Canopy' is a dreamy musical interlude which can truly wear the label known as 'ambient. music.

There are four forces at work here, all based on an F-major pentatonic drone joining together in a delicious, beguiling counterpoint; the sight/sound of cascading leaves through mottled sunlight, the quiet patter of birds and insects, the wisdom of Trees expressed with a reverberant "wooden" sound; and last, the deep presence of the Stone beneath all, resounding as an older-than-ancient bass choir of Earth-Elders.

It feels as if you’re disappearing, dissolving, entering into some mystical union with your surroundings, drinking in and savoring what Aldous Huxley once referred to as ‘is-ness’. All Nature is in a groove, and lucky you – you get to be part of it – beneath, embraced, indeed immersed by, the Canopy of Exquisite Moments.