From the recording Frontiers

As we approach the end of our Frontiers odyssey, a comforting thought occurs: that no matter how ‘far out’ the journey may take him, the Traveller can always count on there being a last ship home.

We all have our particular 'Shenandoahs' to return to; we need only keep possibilities open to find our way back. Here is a tender re-think of Shenandoah, a traditional tune set in a rather non-traditional time signature (mostly 7/4) using a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments.

One might sense a slight melancholy in this piece, owing to the mindset I found myself in at that point in my personal life - being faced with having to leave a place I loved and move to a place I didn't. Fortunately, that arrangement didn't last very long...the 'Traveller' found a way to move on.