1. It Is

From the recording Light Music

“…O defiant Sun-blessed desert, being of all time and yet timeless, teach me of your wisdom and your quiet mystery. Touch me with your wild Saharan wind pushing hot desert dust into my tear-tracked face. Sing to me with the sound of the native flute, eons old and yet still fresh, resounding across infinity as the crack of lightning sears the air, restoring it to crystal-clear primordial clarity, for I want to know…”

I want to know what it’s like to just BE. I want to know the feeling of alone but not lonely. In the grand design of things each lowly rock to each magnificent galaxy, in all your vast stillness, is no more significant than it is insignificant. In the end each rock, each of us, no matter how fervently worshipped or existentially dismissed is possessed with a certain inimitable, perfect is-ness all its own. Everything just IS.