From the recording Light Music

"It’s a warm evening here in Sousse, warm even for this city. Then again, there’s no place in all of Tunisia that can be considered ‘cool’, not this time of year. But I had to get back regardless because of the music they make here. It wraps around you like a charmed, undulating cobra, well inside of the spell cast upon it – safely entranced - but still it won’t let you go.

Between this sensual, writhing, resonant music and the mystic, hypnotic play of ancient mosques and cathedrals set against the sultry indigo sky, yeah, it was definitely time to find me a magic carpet and fly home and re-discover my Inner Wizard.

The mosques and cathedrals of Sousse make me think of the bells they ring there. Bells are cool because when you ring them they cut through like little knives and clear away stuff you can’t see that’s in the air that shouldn’t be there. Or, they make good vibes that are already there more intense. This is why we ring bells in the first place, celebrating the myriad passages of our lives - weddings, births, deaths, victories, coronations, rituals, ceremonial worship…even the change of the hour."