From the recording Light Music

The night the angels came they rode in on a perfect fifth. Out of the Cosmic Hum they came, uncountable numbers of angels big and small, sprightly and serious, gleefully zizzing down on lightbeams of higher harmonics like jubilant children recklessly skidding down the banister on Christmas morning.

Angels have recently been descending from wherever angels come from to remind us of a few things…remind because we already knew them, we’ve just been taught to forget them.

One thing is this: you don’t have to try to be good, you already are. That whole ‘Original Sin’ thing was just a bad dream, a clever illusion designed by keepers of a worn-out, imprisoning faith in an effort to convince you that you were somehow less-than. Less than what? Actually, who are you NOT to be gifted or brilliant or fabulous at something?

The angels want you to know this. They want you to see beyond the smokescreen to the actual truth that you are in fact whole and loved and complete and perfect just the way you are. And that’s why they’ve been coming down lately, to tell us these things because at this point in our history we can’t afford NOT to hear them.